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2010-2011 CAMARO V8 6-Speed Manual DSS 9'' Independent Rear Conversion Kit

Product Description
Now available with Strange center section !!! (1500.00 list email for details and special complete kit pricing)
The Drive Shaft shop is proud to announce the release of the new 2010 Camaro 9" Rear Conversion Kit. This system has been designed and built specifically for the new Camaro platform. 
Using a steel case with rear mounts tig welded on and a front mount that connects to the original 5 pinion bolts on the 9” center section. Due to the variety of differentials and spools available, we have decided to supply the 9” case only, allowing you to decide what center section would be best for your needs (we can supply the center section upon request). This kit utilizes all 3 original mounting points for the factory differential, Included are custom polyurethane mounts used to support the case, along with all other hardware needed for the installation. 
We have supplied our special 31 spline diff stubs rated to 1400HP (larger spline stubs are available for a nominal fee). 
All fabrication work for the differential mounting is being done by Scott Bagshaw of Bagshaw fabrication Mooresville, NC. We here are The Driveshaft Shop have decided to move away from telling everyone what materials we are making these parts from. Why, you ask? Well it seems that we have been having trouble with monkey see, monkey do in the drivetrain market. What we will say is that over the last few months DSS has aligned itself with a mill in Sweden providing Aerospace grade material to us direct, that when heat treated to our specifications will far exceed any "trendy" materials that you may have heard of lately. All we want you to know is that it comes from us here at DSS and being that we have been around for more than 35 years, it should be clear that we are not some hobbyists making parts in our spare time. You can count on us to not only come out with the highest quality drivetrain parts, but also to have the capability to bring them to you at a better price,have them in stock with service that is second to none.
The system will come with our Pro-Series 1400HP axles designed for the 9" conversion(sorry the standard Camaro axles will not fit).(now coming with custom billet outer made from a new material).
We have also spent considerable time and effort to supply the kit with a proven driveshaft (can not be excluded)
The kit will include:
1. Powder coated Differential housing (bare housing) with rear bracket and poly bushing (centersections avalible apuon request)
2. Powder coated front mount with poly bushings
3. (2) 31 spline diff stubs with o-ring bushings rated and guaranteed for 1400HP
4. (2) DSS 1400HP "fatty" axles with 30 spline center shafts and REM polished CV internals. as of Jan 20th axles will come with new billet outer made from custom blended material. 
5.Driveshaft options (all come with custom billet plates, please click the link to see why) 

Price: 6357.12

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