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2010-2011 CAMARO V8 1400HP Level 5 Direct Bolt-In Axles

Product Description
1. Full 30 spline certified 300m center bars (not just 28 spline like a factory 108mm CV would use) yes we said 30 spline like the Viper T56 and any upgraded T56 its the reason we do too. if the carges are stronger the bars need to be also (same center bar used in Lingenfelters 6 speed car) 
2. certified 4340AQ cages REM polished with a re-designed radious on the cage window, cages are full 4340 not the standard material that have been carbinized and made brittle.
3. Our Center race n the Cv is certified 300m, this should need no explanation, no one else uses this and we can prove it.....
4. Rolled splines,most know a forging is always stronger than billet. Here at The Driveshaft shop we roll our splines, this is by far the strongest way to form a spline and is far superior to "old technology" cut splines. by rolling a spline you are taking the material that was already there and re-forming it. by cutting a spline you are removing material and the inherent grain structure that its made with. dont take our word for this, please search the internet and see what spline is better. If your looking for the strongest axle you have arrived......
It should come as no surprise that we here at DSS never stop thinking about new ways to make an axle. We try to not only make it better but less expensive at the same time. For several months we have been working with some of the top tuning company's around fine tuning and understanding what our customers needs were. What issues the car had after it came out, manufactures made lowering parts and other goodies and with these changes the we decided to re-design the axles. Due to a new relationship with a steel mill and the ability for us to buy direct. We not only have been able to reduce our cost on many new products but we are also able to announce the release of some new aircraft quality materials that rival top rated product on the market today. 
We are proud to introduce the 1400Hp axles for the 2010 Camaro, we were going to put a 1800Hp rating but knowing the differential will break at about 1000Hp we feel the 1400Hp number was impressive enough. We recently were made aware the our (ond other manufacturers) 108mm outer c.v. and bolt system may have a clearance issue with a lowered car squatting real hard at the track. We took our test mule thru complete suspension travel and the bolts holding the outer CV on at the wheel end on a 108mm CV (any thing larger or longer than our 108mm CV may be a catastrophic event bottoming the suspension out on the upper control arm)well it touched the upper control arm, not much and with a little grinding would clear it,but being its a brand new car and "no one wants to grind" we have designed a new CV for the application that is not only stronger but more cost effective to manufacture. 
A word about axle bars: We have been doing more testing with the new proprietary material we have been getting from the mill (ok its a 300m that has been modified to be even stronger than current 300m's and is certified to be the strongest material), we have done extensive destructive testing and found out a few things, 1st being that in a high Hp car having one axle thicker and one thinner only causes one axle to be weaker (up to 20%). This new axle design is made for the discerning car builder that has dealt with wheel hop issues in a proper manner and not trying to rely on axles to stop it. By making axles different diameters in this upper league or hp ratings you are asking for one "Weak Axle" and one "Strong Axle". We have decided to make this system with two "strong axles" this along with our own “custom” 108mm CV with a 30 spline race that’s the same size as a Viper T56 output (up from anyone else smaller 28 spline stock design)makes this absolutely the strongest axle for the car to date.you might also see the new custom boot we had made for the outer, any one with a lowered car will appreciate the fact the this boot will never hit the upper control arm like others on the market today.If you have read about our 1000Hp axles haveing breakage issues its due to the fact that we just should not have made one axle big and one small. Highly modified cars like Lingenfelters 6 speed is a true testment to needing both axles the same diameter (if you purchased 1000hp axles and have broke them they will be upgraded to 1400hp axles at no charge)
(we have redesigned a "street version" with unequal bars rated at 600Hp at a cost of 1249.99 a pair) We have worked very hard and very long on this new system to not only bring you a better choice of axles but better axles at a better price.....

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