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Performance Plus Risk vs Mod Waiver

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Risk vs Mod Waiver

Performance Plus builds and customizes ordinary vehicles into supercars. This sounds exciting and everyone wants one, but what risk do you take by going down this road? At the end our customers are VERY HAPPY, but the road getting there can sometimes be straight and quick to the point and in other cases the road is curvy and full of obstacles. Regardless of which way it goes PERFORMANCE PLUS, always gets you to the highly desired end product. But because what we do is one off and custom, sometimes those obstacles require extra parts and extra time to overcome. We want to make sure our customers understand that the process, so we have made this sheet to give our customers some guidance and understanding.

Typical mods include, Headers and exhaust, Tuners/chips and cold air intakes. Many modifications we do, have been pre-engineered by the manufacturer and either bolt directly on or work with a 100% stock vehicle. However, rusty bolts, factory tolerances on fitment may cause extra labor to achieve the end product. Horsepower gains are usually moderate, and the risk of having to spend more than quoted or need additional parts or tuning is low. But it is possible, if you won’t have enough money for food if we require another $100.00 or so, you should probably buy groceries instead.

Typical mods include Supercharger/Turbocharger kits at factory boost levels, camshafts/cylinder head packages, custom tuning on 87/91 octane fuel. These mods add large amounts of horsepower and while engineered for 100% stock vehicles for MAX power and good longevity there is always that lemon which falls short and doesn’t deliver the quoted gain or hurts itself because of the extra stress put on the factory parts. Sometimes custom tuning at an extra cost ($1000) will be required to achieve quoted gains or parts and labor to replace hurt engine components is required to achieve quoted gains. (up to $3000)

Typical mods include turning up the boost on preset super/turbocharger kits, nitrous oxide, large camshafts, pump gas tuning over 600whp. These mods can take a stock vehicles driveline past what it was ever built for and the weakest links will start to become apparent, we can build a safety margin into your build, but anything can happen at ultra-high horsepower levels even with good parts. In many cases we can put your car to the highest level possible without breakage as proven on previous customers, but there is always that one exception, we hope it isn’t yours. Also some parts will just not be compatible and need upgrading to get the end result (i.e. injector or fuel pump change $1000 each) or an engine/trans or rear end failure ($5000.00)

I,________________________ understand my vehicle was built for the stock level of horsepower and that increasing it has risks that may require money/time to repair or upgrade parts to get a desired end result.

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