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Performance Plus Pre Dyno Check List

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Equipment & Needs
Make sure there is at least 1/2 tank (PREFERABLY FULL) of gas in the tank and use the brand/octane that you will be using most of the time.
If your vehicle has been left in storage, please make sure your fuel is fresh and does not
contain any fuel stabilizer.

Make sure all fluids are topped up and NOT leaking; this includes engine oil, coolant,
transmission fluid, differential/transfer case fluid, brake fluid, clutch hydraulic fluid, etc.
If your engine oil and filter have been run for more than 3000km, please replace both.

Wheels & Tires
Wheels should be balanced and the vehicle must be able to drive straight.
Tires should be in good condition and be SPEED RATED for max speed/RPM in 1-1 gear.

Ensure your spark plugs are in good condition. Replace with new ones if necessary.
Having a spare set in case they get fouled or damaged saves time.
If your vehicle is over 5 years old, it would be good to clean your engine grounds and
grounding attachment points. A vehicle’s electrical signals need to be as clean as
possible so the ECM has good signals coming in and going out. The engine harness
should have no exposed wires.
Battery/Alternator – Make sure these items are strong and operating properly. A weak
battery can cause problems when reflashing the ECU
Vacuum lines, piping & seals
Make sure that your intake, vacuum lines, and intercooler piping are sealed when under
vacuum and sealed when pressurized like when running full boost. Major leaks can
usually be found while dyno tuning because the data will look incorrect, but minor leaks
are very difficult to find so please pressure test these parts of your intercooler system.

Exterior / Body Of Vehicle
The vehicle must be washed and clean, inside and out prior to entering the dyno facility.

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