Is your car pulling from side to side or just feel unstable at highway speeds?  Do you experience any unusual vibrations while driving?  Many times this is a sign the vehicle should have the front end inspected and a Wheel Alignment performed.  After many miles of  bumpy roads and potential brushes with curbs while parking your wheel alignment can be affected and need correction.  Performance Plus can get your vehicle back onto the straight path again with a quality wheel alignment.

  With our state of the art Hunter Hawkeye wheel alignment machine including custom Tuner software and no metal contact with wheel or rim barrel heads, we can set the alignment of the vehicle back to manufactures specifications ensuring smooth straight steering, preventing uneven tire wear and improved fuel economy.

  For specialty cars our Tuner software will allow us to customize a specific wheel alignment dependant on your ride height, driving needs and vehicle use.  Many of our customers use us for Drag racing cars, road racing cars and many hobby vehicles that are both lowered or raised.  With our software we will set up your alignment to meet the demands of your special ride.

  You may need a wheel alignment if:

- The steering wheel is not straight while travelling straight down a road.
- Your vehicle wanders left and or right
- Your tires are wearing unevenly.

  Wheel Alignments at Performance Plus consist of:

- Inspection of steering and suspension components
- Inspection of tires for wear, air pressure, size and tread.
- Alignment procedures to ensure the vehicle is returned to factory specifications for ideal handling.

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